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WOGLR: Germany hottest candidate for new EU infringement proceeding

April 26, 2013 News & Reports

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By Dr. Wulf Hambach (Partner) and Maximilian Riege (Junior Partner) at Hambach & Hambach law firm

The complexities created by the existence of two contradictory gaming regulations in Germany – Example “Online Poker”: A Game of Skill or Chance? – Licensed and banned at the same time. Dr. Wulf Hambach and Maximilian Riege, of Hambach & Hambach law firm, discuss the regulatory complexity in Germany and the potential for EU infringement proceedings. 

Germany’s gambling regulation remains torn. Although the former maverick state Schleswig-Holstein officially joined the regime of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (ITG) of the other 15 states at the beginning of 2013, his much more liberal Gaming Reform Act (GRA) has to remain applicable to regulate and supervise gambling license holders in Schleswig-Holstein. Nearly 50 gambling licenses for online sports betting, online casinos and online poker, each valid for 6 years, have been granted by the ministry of the interior in Kiel before the GRA was (partially) withdrawn to join the ITG.

Find the whole article here: WOGLR — March 2013_HH


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