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KPMG Malta Gaming eSummit 2019: Regulatory Masterclass – Germany and the Netherlands panel session

February 10, 2020 News & Reports, Videos
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CalvinAyre.com: Germany’s Dr. Patrick Sensburg: Grey market is no good for anyone

March 21, 2019 News & Reports, Videos
Gambling regulations have been hard to get straight in Germany, largely due to complications of the political system there. To help us understand their struggle, Dr. Patrick Sensberg, a member of the German Parliament since 2009 representing Hochsauerlandkreis in North Rhine-Westphalia, joined Becky Liggero to explain the situation.

ICE London – Interviews WrB Germany panel

February 12, 2019 Videos

This is a tv summary of Day 1 of the ICE London – interviews with the panelists of the WrB Germany panel can be seen from minute 1:20 on:

KPMG Summit 2014 The Isle of Man

January 22, 2015 Videos

Quirino Mancini’s interview at the eGaming Summit that took place on the Isle of Man last November. In this little talk with a press journalist given after is panel presentation Quirino calls for the need for the gaming industry to embark on a charity initiative of unprecedented proportions as a way to redress the very bad reputatIon and image of gaming in the face of the media and the public opinion in general.

Legal Gaming in Europe Summit 2013 – Summary Day 1

Legal Gaming in Europe Summit 2013 Day 1 Summary Video

Video: International Gaming Law Summit 2011 Highlights

International Gaming Law Summit 2011 Highlights Video

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