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The search for reasonable solutions for the German gaming market

June 22, 2012 News & Reports

The German magazine “SportwettenMarkt” interviewed gaming law expert Dr. Wulf on the status quo and future developments in the German gambling market.

From his perspective, the intended regime of the new Interstate on gambling in Germany is “totally irrational”. Hambach refers to the EU Commission’s statement which posed a variety of still unanswered questions to the German states.

Although it is understandable that the German states try to defend their gambling monopoly, German constitutional law and European (case) Law may not be ignored. Hambach explains that if the states really want to fight the existing black market for online gambling, install proper anti-money laundering measures, prevent gambling addiction and generate tax revenues from a regulated online gaming market, the German states must adopt the Schleswig-Holstein model. This is the case especially because the regulatory regime in Germany’s most northern state is the only regulatory system in Germany that clearly complies with EU law.

Read the full German version of the Interview with Dr. Wulf Hambach here.

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