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The KSA show its teeth – Enforcement of the Betting and Gaming Act by the Dutch Gaming Authority

November 20, 2013 News & Reports

by Justin Franssen and Younes Moussaoui


The primary purpose behind the establishment of the Gaming Authority in April 2012 was to effectively improve the enforcement of the 1964 Betting and Gaming Act.

There used to be a lack of public enforcement options against unlicensed gaming activities as the only option to enforce the BGA was the draconian application of criminal law. The introduction of the Gaming Authority aimed to close the enforcement gap and the first concrete signs of direct and indirect enforcement vis-à-vis remote gaming operators mainly took place in the first two quarters of 2013. The Gaming Authority took the view in the first months after its establishment that it was impossible to enforce the BGA against all remote gaming operators active in the Netherlands. It therefore published an enforcement policy based on priorities in June 2012.

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