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Santiago Asensi receives IMGL President’s Award

November 5, 2012 News & Reports

Santiago Asensi of Asensi Abogados in Spain was honored at the IMGL Autumn Conference in London on 12 October. This is the second award from IMGL to one of the founders of Gaminglaw.eu after Quirino Mancini received his President’s Award in 2009.

The President’s award is given by the IMGL President to an individual who is not an IMGL officer in recognition of the awardee’s outstanding service to the IMGL. Mr. Asensi chaired the Madrid Autumn Conference in 2010 and is the co-editor of IMGL’s Spanish language magazine La Ley del Juego. He has also assisted in the planning of numerous IMGL member receptions at EiG as a member of both IMGL and GamingLaw.eu. Upon receiving the award, Mr. Asensi thanked Mr. J. Kelly Duncan, and also Dr. Wulf Hambach of Hambach & Hambach in Germany for being his mentor and encouraging him to join the IMGL.


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