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Hans-Jörn Arp and Wolfgang Kubicki: Granting of licenses in the remaining 15 states threatened to fail due to legal difficulties?

September 26, 2013 News & Reports

Published on 25 September 2013

German version: http://www.isa-guide.de/isa-gaming/articles/93446.html

“For over a year now, the remaining 15 federal states have not managed to grant sports betting and online-casino licenses on the basis of the current Interstate Treaty on Gambling. Obviously, there are enormous legal problems regarding the implementation of this treaty. And Schleswig-Holstein, where licensing had proceeded smoothly due to the former applicable gambling law, has joined this treaty”, the parliamentary secretary of the CDU in the Schleswig-Holstein parliament, Hans-Jörn Arp, commented on the fact that not a single license has been issued by the regulatory authorities.

“The federal states are making fools of themselves. The state in charge, Hesse, has even engaged a law firm to assist in the licensing procedures. Though – or maybe because of that – no progress has been made. Schleswig-Holstein would be well advised to immediately withdraw from this treaty and to rely on the well-functioning of Schleswig-Holstein`s gambling law,” the chairman of the FDP parliamentary group in the Schleswig-Holstein parliament, Wolfgang Kubicki, said.

There are increasing signs that licensing is threatened to fail completely due to immense legal difficulties:

“We call on the state government to transparently inform the public about the extent of the problems regarding the new treaty,” Arp and Kubicki stated. This transparency is now supposed to be ensured by means of a parliamentary enquiry (question to the government that is raised and dealt with in writing) by the CDU parliamentary group.

 Link to the parliamentary enquiry: http://www.cdu.ltsh.de/media/Sportwettkonzessionen25-09-13.pdf

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