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World Gambling Briefing / 24.03 – 25.03.2010

March 13, 2010 Events, 2010

Evolved from the European Gambling Briefing, World Gambling Briefing focuses on the tangible shifts in gambling policy around the world to highlight where opportunities exist, the nature of those opportunities and how to take advantage of them.

Over 150 attendees, 2 days, 15+ sessions, 45+ speakers and 5 years of delivering the best quality regulatory content in the world makes WGB an unmissable annual meeting for everyone involved in building a global business and exploiting unpredictable opportunities as they arise.

  • Event: World Gambling Briefing
  • Date: from 24.03.2010 to 25.03.2010
  • Organiser: Clarion Gaming
  • Location: Hilton Malta
  • Website: http://www.worldgamblingbriefing.com/

    Web Site of the World Gambling Briefing


Day 1, Wedneday 24th March 2010

08:30-09:00 Registration and Morning Refreshments
09:00-09:05 Chair’s Opening Remarks
Reuben Portanier, Chief Executive Officer, Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta
Tonio Fenech, Minister of Finance, Economy and Investment, Malta
09:15-10:00 In Search of Political Will:  What Prospects for a Pan-European Policy in Light of Increased Legal and Technological Advances?
·  Challenges posed by divergent approaches of member states
·  Does the solution lie within each country, at a national level?
·  Hunting the treasure at the end of the rainbow: a harmonised Internal Market for gambling services
·  Should governments do more?
Hans-Jörn Arp, Member of Parliament for the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), German State of Schleswig-Holstein
Juan Carlos Alfonso Rubio, Coordination Director, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, Spain
Prof Dr Kurt Schelter, Minister Emeritus and Attorney at Law
Rolf Francis Sims, Legal Adviser, Ministry of Culture, Norway
New Changing Regulatory Landscape: Examining Legislative and Regulatory Movements in the EU and Member States
·  Transformation to a regulated market – is 2010 the golden year?
·  Can you expect the stance of the European Commission, Parliament and Council to change with a new Presidency and Head of Internal Market and Services?
·  Will the French and Danish reforms bring about the pressure to widen fair-market access in formally prohibitive states?
·  Italy: Now opening to bingo, casino and other games
·  Previous hardliners Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and Germany are amending their legislative framework – who’s next?
·  Reflections on ECJ’s Santa Casa decision and its implications for the industry
·  Restrictive proposed legislation and severe taxation levels in ‘liberalising’ countries:  is it worth investing and operating in?
·  UK government’s change of heart on the subject of mutual recognition of licences
·  A comparative analysis of the major regulatory models likely to emerge in a fragmented but liberalising market

    • Old Europe-model (Italy, France)
    • The market-oriented pragmatic model (Sweden)
    • The modern media model (UK)

Moderator: Maria Micallef, Partner, RSM Malta
Wes Himes, Secretary General, Remote Gambling Association

Ron Goudsmit, President, European Casinos Association
Sigrid Ligné, Secretary General, European Gaming and Betting Association(EGBA)
Tim Phillips, Director of European Public Affairs, Betfair
Rupert Hornig, General Delegate, European Lotteries Association

11:00-11:20 Coffee Break Sponsored by KPMG
Executive Panel: Preparing the Ground for Consolidation
What are the regulatory challenges and solutions for a shifting industry as super-affiliates become operators; land based operators move online; B2C operators diversify into B2B; old media offer gaming to customers;  sub-branding profligates?
·  Is there a requirement for a monopolies and mergers industry board or is this something for the regulators to consider?
·  Find out if the old, new and emerging operators take the same view on what opportunities can be exploited and share the same regulatory vision?
·  Who is set to become the dominant player in 5 years time
·  Can niche players in this market survive and thrive long-term?Moderator, Carmelo Mazza, International Development Manager, MAG Consulenti Associati
Gabi Campos, Managing Director, Dragonfish
Magnus Grinneback, Business Area Director, Betsson.com
Adrian Morris, Deputy Managing Director, Stanleybet
Regulatory Panel:  Challenges of Balancing the Interests of Different Stakeholders in a Multi-Faceted Structure
·  How to overcome cultural, legal and regulatory barriers within the “more liberalised” European betting market
·  Further opening up of the markets in EU member states and future of gambling in the EU – how it affects you
·  Overcome the obstacles presented with regulating nascent and constantly evolving technologies
·  Regulatory cooperation:  Europe, USA, South America and China – will regulatory bodies be able to work together?

Moderator: Dr. Olga Finkel, Managing Partner, WH Law
Peter Naessens, Staff Member, Gambling Commission, Belgium

Reuben Portanier, Chief Executive Officer, Lotteries & Gaming Authority, Malta
Phill Brear, Head of Gambling Regulation, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
Eric van Vondelen, Secretary, Netherlands Gaming Control Board
André Wilsenach, CEO, Alderney Gambling Control Commission
12:40-13:20 An Update on Recent ECJ Rulings
Outcome and practical impact to your company of:
·  The recent Santa Casa decision
·  Carmen Media Group and Winner Wetten against the German state
·  Advocate-general of the EC’s pronouncement on claims brought by Ladbrokes and Betfair against the Dutch government
·  Cases brought against the Swedish government, regarding the right of Swedish newspapers to accept advertisements from foreign based online bookmakers
·  Greek courts referring a case regarding Stanleybet, borne out of that company’s attempt to open a betting shop in GreeceDr Alan Littler, Faculty of Law & Tilburg Law & Economics Center (TILEC), Tilburg University
Ana Paula Barros, Head of Law, Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa (SCML)
Karin Klein, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Bwin
Mark Warrington, Legal Counsel, Betfair
Dimitris Panageas, Director of Legal Services, Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics / OPAP
13:20-14:30 Lunch
14.30-15.10 Panel Framer: Investing in Responsible Gaming:  Now Requiring Urgent Attention at Board Level
·  The principal gains to your company and the gaming ecosystem
·  What are the requirements for successful implementation?
·  Pro active industry standards and boundaries
·  Future Development of responsible gaming
·  Consumer lead processes/empowermentHillevi Stuhrenberg, Manager for Responsible Gaming & CSR, Betsson

Followed by a discussion:
·  Key accelerators for the market: legitimacy, transparency and security
·  Importance of corporate responsibility in ensuring player protection for the industry’s reputation and integrity –
·  Responsible gaming – a more dedicated and effective commitment required to comply with regulations

Dr Birgit Bosch, Managing Director, Interwetten Malta Ltd.
Ruth Tanami, Director for CSR & Responsible Gaming, 888
Eric Bouhanna, CEO, Adictel Worldwide

15:10-15:30 Banks and Financial Advisers: A Potential Change of Attitude
·  How near is the end of online gaming blockage?
·  Alternative solutions for payment collection and chargeback elimination
Mark Munson, Head of Payment Services, Ladbrokes
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
15:50-16:20 Mergers and Acquisitions: Back on the Agenda with a Brighter Regulatory Landscape
·  Willing sellers and serious potential buyers in a buoyant market
·  Core trends for future activity
·  Main issues to consider
·  Current opportunitiesMervyn Metcalf, Managing Director, Global Leisure Partners
16:20-16:50 Getting to Grips with Advertising:  Pitfalls and Opportunities
·  Advertising in the US and other international developments
·  Understanding procedures for legitimate campaigns
·  The importance of social media marketingLynsay Taffe, Policy and Public Affairs Advisor, Advertising Standards Authority
Innovations in iGaming:  What Unique Regulatory Challenges Will They Pose?
·  What can solution providers do to smooth the regulation of new products
·  How can regulatory authorities and in-house councils frame regulation to accommodate for the pace of innovation in iGaming?
·  Unwrapping the potential of mobile gaming:  will those need separate legislation?
·  Updating your platforms to be compliant ahead of the world cup and ensure you can generate revenues through themRoger Parkes, Head of Regulatory Compliance, Betfair
Giulio Coraggio, Senior Associate, Lovells Studio Legale
Eitan Klein, In House Counsel, Spiral Solutions
17:30 Chair’s Closing Remarks/Questions and Answers
17:45 End of Day I
Cocktail Reception

Day 2, Thursday 25th March 2010

Pan-European iGaming Legislation: State Controlled vs EU wide Regulatory Initiatives
·  Possible evolution becoming a reality based on conditional recognition policy
·  Updates on EU countries already adopting this approach
·  Projections into 2010-11Moderator: Julian Harris, Partner, Harris Hagan
Santiago Asensi, Asensi Abogados
Justin Franssen, Attorney, Van Mens & Wisselink
Dr Wulf Hambach, Partner, Hambach & Hambach
Quirino Mancini, Partner, SCM Partners
Thibault Verbiest, Partner, ULYS
Jan Decorte, Partner, Koan – Legal Strategies
Host TBA
Thibault Verbiest, Partner, ULYS
Dr Wulf Hambach, Partner, Hambach & Hambach
Host TBA
The Netherlands
Justin Franssen, Attorney, Van Mens & Wisselink
Andrew Zammit, Managing Partner, Zammit & Associates
Quirino Mancini, Partner, SCM Partners
Stefano Sbordoni, CEO, Studio Legale Sbordoni
Joe Kelly, Partner, A&L Goodbody
Piotr Dynowski, Senior Associate and Head of the IP, Media and Advertising Team, Bird & Bird Maciej Gawroński, Warsaw
Albert Agustinoy Guilayn, Partner, Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira
Host TBA
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:10 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
14:10-14:40 Fervent Excitement Within the Global Gaming Industry:  Latin America Gaming Expansion
With rigorous regulation to foster continued growth and encourage private investment:  Latin America is poised to become the world’s third-largest gaming market
·  New legislation expected in Mexico to regulate Class III games
·  Brazil: coming into focus with the advancement of Bill 2254 in the federal legislature – likely to become law in March 2010
·  Possibilities and challenges related to legalising online gambling:  Argentina is likely to be before the end of the yearSantiago Asensi, Partner, Asensi Abogados
Tim Phillips, Director of European Public Affairs, Betfair, former  E-gaming Consultant for Latin America, Expansión Gaming
14:40-15:20 Central and Eastern Europe Offering Interesting Prospects
How to take advantage of the ever increasing opportunities in Eastern Europe, including:
·  Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia embrace the online gambling revolution by allowing operators other than the state lottery to hold licences
·  The new Romanian gaming legislation, its effects upon the industry, compliance with the ECJ practice or EU principles
·  Bulgaria and Croatia are scheduled to follow suit with new legislation later in 2009
·  Bulgaria is considering future amendments in gaming regulationJaka Repansek, Founder, RePublis Consulting
Bogdan I. Mararu, Senior Partner, Mararu and Mararu SCA
Nadia Hristova, Member of the Management Board, Bulgarian Trade Association of the Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry
15:20-15:40 Coffee Break
15:40-16:00 Asia: A Piece of the Action?
·  Doing business the Asia way: the focus on cash betting, credit betting and the agency system
·  The pan-Asian regulatory framework: pure prohibition, or opportunities?
·  Catering to the locals: markets and methods to localise your business
·  East to West: the rise of internet penetration and international payment options to benefit Western operators?
·  Advertising gambling into Asia: the legal possibilities
·  A recovery in the bricks and mortar sector: Macau on the mend, Singapore set to openTom Lippiett, Associate, Berwin Leighton Paisner
16:00-16:20 Last minute call – Taking Advantage of the Worldcup – iGaming in South Africa
• The current and future state of iGambling regulation in South Africa
• The 2010 World Cup: landbased and interactive sportsbettingGarron Whitesman, Attorney, Whitesmans Attorneys
16:20-16:50 Navigating the Path to a Regulated US iGaming Market
·  As the USA igaming market gears up for liberalisation, get an overview of how events are unfolding in the USA
·  Key strategic and legal advice to prepare your business:  what potential various regulatory scenarios
·  How to take full advantage of the emerging opportunitiesRobert W. Stocker II, Dickinson Wright PLLC
16:50-17:00 Closing Keynote
Reuben Portanier, Chief Executive Officer, Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta
End of Conference

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