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Ladbrokes wins case against Danish monopoly

September 30, 2009 2009

Ladbrokes has won a case against the Danish Monopoly, Danska Spil, in the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

The verdict means that Ladbrokes can continue to use the words Danska spil in its advertising, and confirms that the Danish monopoly has no exclusive rights to the use of these words professionally.

The Danish company had filed a lawsuit against Ladbrokes claiming a breach of primary trademark and marketing law in connection with Ladbrokes’ “Danish game, English odds” TV advertising campaign last year. It claimed that Ladbrokes had improperly used the Danska Spil trademark – and that only Danska Spil can use the word combination “Dansk” and “spil” for commercial use in advertising and marketing. According to Ladbrokes, the Court refused Danska Spil’s request for compensation.

With ruling going in its favour, Ladbrokes said it will continue to highlight the disadvantages of monopolies in this sector and promote free and fair competition from regulated operators to the benefit of consumers.


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