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France’s land-based casino operators plan action

May 5, 2009 2009

Land-based casino operators in France are planning to take their complaints over proposals put forward by their government for the relaxation of the country’s online gaming market to the European Commission, according to Thibault Verbiest, partner at Ulys.

According to the draft bill, lotteries will remain under the Française des jeux monopoly and slot machines will only be available in terrestrial casinos. As per the plan going forward, while online sports and horserace betting and online poker will be allowed in France as of next January, online casinos will not be included.

According to Verbiest, operators such as Partouche and Lucien Barrière aren’t pleased with such verdict.

In a report filed by Gambling Compliance, it has been mentioned that French land-based casino operators had been lobbying hard for the opportunity to launch legal online services aimed at the French market, with both Lucien Barrière and Partouche launching online operations aimed outside of France ahead of the announcement of the French proposals.

“They’ve been waiting seven years [for this],” said Verbiest. “If they don’t get online, they are going to die. I’m sure they will lodge a complaint with the EC.”

Recently, in an interview with Bulletbusiness.com, Verbiest had said, “By excluding lotteries and virtual slot machines to protect consumers, the Government is being incoherent. If the Government wishes to ensure consumers’ protection, it should prohibit these games in general for both, public and private operators.”


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