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Denmark gears up for deregulation: report

May 5, 2009 2009

A 60-year old gaming monopoly operated by Danske Spil is expected to get over when the government announces its plans for deregulation.

The Copenhagen Post has reported that deregulation would mean that foreign gaming companies could begin advertising in Denmark and their offerings would be legally available. It added that a current European Commission lawsuit alleging the monopoly violates free market regulations “was a major factor in pressuring the government into the move”.

As per the information available, only the Lotto and scratch-off ticket games will continue to be under the sole jurisdiction of Danske Spil.

For an entry into the market, companies would be required to pay a licencing fee. Further information wasn’t shared.

Over the years, it has been acknowledged that certain parts of the gaming market in the country had developed without any form of regulation or control. At the same time, the spread of the Internet has facilitated the development of a global gaming market completely beyond state control.


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