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Czech firms win permission for online gambling

January 12, 2009 2009

It is being reported that the Czech Republic government has allowed a select few domestic online gambling operators to commence operations within the country.

According to local media, the Ministry of Finance recently granted licences to operate Internet gambling to five domestic companies, Sazka, Fortuna, Chance, Synot Tip and Tipsport. It is being said that all five operators were required to have a network of land-based outlets where customers need to register. The companies will be subject to regulation under the Gaming Act and will pay administrative fees, state supervision fees and part of their proceeds will be used for good causes. The server where the betting takes place must be located in the Czech Republic, with the software used to be subject to certification. The operators are also obliged to allow state access to the system.

“We are sad and bitter that foreign Internet betting companies are allowed to operate in the Czech Republic without any control. There is no legal restriction. So basically they operate in this country illegally. So we want to have the same opportunities as foreign companies,” a spokesperson from Fortuna told radio.cz.

“If someone wants to bet through Fortuna on Internet, they must register in a bricks and mortar office and show their ID. Only then they are allowed to play. We don’t accept credit cards but only regular payment cards because we don’t support gambling and gamblers and we don’t want people to become addicted to internet betting. That’s something foreign companies don’t do.”

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