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Duplicate poker officially recognized by the French government

April 24, 2008 2008

The legal affairs section of the French interior ministry confirms that duplicate poker does not come under the scope of the 1983 act on games of chance

Traditionally under French law, games of chance where a stake is involved are prohibited.

Traditional poker is considered in France as a game of chance and its offer is restricted in France to casinos and private gaming clubs.

Duplicate poker is a poker variation based on Texas Hold’em: the basic rules are the same. However, in duplicate poker the element of chance is strongly reduced.

The concept of duplicate comes from Bridge which recognized in France as a mind sport: each player seated at different tables is dealt the same hand.

In duplicate poker, each player are seated at different tables and is dealt the same hand as the player holding the corresponding seat on another table: for each deal, players holding the same position at another table will receive the same cards (flop, turn and river).

Contrary to Texas Hold’em poker, the deals at the beginning are identical: player X in table 1 receives the same cards as his counterparts in table 2 etc.

Thus, players directly competing with each other for the winning prize all have the same set of cards to start with, and are further playing against opponents who also have the same set of cards amongst themselves.

Players do not know the game distributed to other players.

Moreover, the objective of the game is to do one’s best with the game at hand, knowing that one only plays against those who have the same game as oneself.

It should be stated that this authorization only covers duplicate poker.

Traditional poker games are still prohibited where stakes are involved and their offer limited to casinos and gaming clubs.


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