How to prepare for the Spanish Gambling Act

July 18, 2011 News & Reports

by Santiago Asensi

On May 28 the Spanish Gambling Act (Ley 13/2011 de Regulación del Juego) was published in the Spanish State Gazette, becoming enforceable the day after.

However, between then and the day the first licences are granted (or, at the latest, January 1, 2012) – the so-called ‘transition period’ – operators that are currently taking players from Spain will not be subject to sanctions for running their games.

That said, operators acting in Spain will have to pay taxes, as they will be required to be up to date with the Tax Agency at the time of filling their applications before the National Gaming Board, which is expected to happen in November. … Continue Reading

Spain: first guidelines about the future of online regulation

October 12, 2010 News & Reports

By Santiago Asensi of Asensi Abogados, article published first in European Gaming Lawyer magazine, Autumn issue 2010.

After almost three years since the Ley 56/07 de Madidas de Impulso de la Sociead de la Información – Law on Measures to Develop the Information Society – saw the light, establishing the six principles that will govern the future of online gaming regulation, Spain continues to be „lost in translation“ with regard to this gaming sector.

On several occasions in the last few months, there have been rumours saying that the first draft on online gaming was about to be circulated. Some even said that the law was going to be enacted before the FIFA World Cup, in order to benefit the sector. However, the reality is that our administration is not progressing at all on this matter. … Continue Reading

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