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International Gaming Law Summit 2011 Highlights

December 20, 2011 Videos
The International Gaming Law Summit 2011 has come to a close and Rebecca Liggero provides us the highlights of what was discussed by operators, regulators, and lawyers on all the issues in Europe regarding regulation.


Entertainment, Sports and iGaming Conference 2011 Video Session “Opening Session”

November 16, 2011 Videos

The definitive guide to business opportunities and lucrative partnerships being made out of the European convergence between media, sports, telecoms and iGaming.

Some of Europe’s leading gaming and media lawyers – collectively forming Gaminglaw.eu – led this first-of-a-kind two day conference on the convergence of media, sport, telecoms and gaming. It explored the legal implications, commercial opportunities and encourage networking amongst the diverse range of delegates and show how you can profit from the iGaming revolution taking place in your country.
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Viewpoint – Licensing: Jurisdiction for individual or multiple geographical regions? Part 1 and 2

July 20, 2011 Videos

In this month’s Viewpoint, Becky Liggero sits down with Quirino Mancini from Italy, a newly licensed EU member state jurisdiction, and Gayle Kimberly from Malta, an established jurisdiction that accepts players from around the globe. They talk about the gray areas of the igaming industry regulation around the world as well as the challenges and hopes the industry is facing. … Continue Reading

New Government Spells Overnight Change For Dutch Gambling

November 4, 2010 Videos

Interview with Justin Franssen, co-founder of gaminglaw.eu.

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Legal Gaming in Europe Summit 2013 – Summary Day 1

Legal Gaming in Europe Summit 2013 Day 1 Summary Video

Video: International Gaming Law Summit 2011 Highlights

International Gaming Law Summit 2011 Highlights Video

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